DbD Stats has shut down

Thank you for using and supporting it over the last 2 years. I really appreciate it!


There are two main ones:

My life is now busier than it was when I actively worked on this site and nowadays I am working on other projects in my free time. This is leaving very little time to add new features to the website and maintaining it becomes a chore every patch.

Last year I was contacted by your favourite DbD leaker who threw random pieces of information at me and asked for help with writing a tool for pulling data from DbD backend. Naturally for me, I was excited to work on this and help, so I did it. After a couple of days I completed it, and didn't even get a thank you.

Months later I got contacted by him again. He sent me videos of his website before it went public. It had a lot of my own website design in it, and still does today. He blatantly copied parts of my source code, it even has my own comments in certain places. The stats, shrine, and perks page looks slightly modified. He even uses some of my assets. I had no problem with him running his own site. I only had a problem with him using my design and asked for it to be changed before he made his site public. But I guess that didn't work. I don't need the stress of chasing people around nor I have the time for it and that's why it's a factor in my decision to shut down.

Site content

Now, because I won't be running the site anymore and parts of the code are already copied elsewhere I am sharing my entire dbd-stats.net project here so that anyone can create their own site and other projects by having this as a guide:


Full React website project. Please DO NOT host my site. I am sharing it as a guide


Node backend used to fetch steam profiles and Shrine information from DbD backend.

API Tool

Python API Tools that can pull a lot of useful information related to DbD backend. It has not been updated for a long time and decryption no longer works for new versions of the game.

Password: BHVRmakeproperAPI2022

For those who want to use Skill-Check Simulator, here's the link: Link